Sunday, January 1, 2017

"By wisdom the L-RD laid the earth's foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place"

Proverbs 3:19

I have a Proverbs calendar for 2017, and this is the verse for January.

It occurred to me that one thing the verse is saying is that G-d planned an order for the things He was creating.  Everything had a "home" where it was going.

That idea is what the Hebrew word "beseder" means--  everything in order/ okay.

I never learned how to keep a house in order when I was a child, so I have been learning as an adult.

A site that has been a big help to me is Living on a Dime.  The authors are very practical and down to earth, and by watching their videos, I have been putting into practice their suggestions, little by little.

I put like things together.
I put things in the trash.
I have a bag designated for things that can bless someone else now.
I decide on a "home" -- a place where that category is going to live.
As I keep working on a small area at a time, the only thing that is necessary then as follow up is to put things I come across in their "home."

As a result, the L-rd is giving me
a nice quiet closet that is not overstuffed....
a beautiful orderly living room....
half of my garage organized...
much of my kitchen re-organized
understanding to know what is needed to solve the organization issues that remain....

These are gifts that I am now enjoying because of the L-rd's mercy in answering my prayers to show me how and to give me time during vacation to accomplish these things...

He is the source of wisdom and grace.

He is re-making me in His image: His beautiful, orderly, and gracious image.
By wisdom, He laid the earth's foundations.  By understanding, He set the heavens in place.
By His mercy, He is doing this for me internally and externally as well in this new year.

This is the video that started me with practical suggestions.

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