Monday, March 12, 2012

"Land for Peace" Is A Lie

More than 200 rockets have rained down on Israeli cities just in March alone  from Gaza-- land Israel won in a defensive war-- and land on which thousands of Israelis lived.  In an gesture of peace-- Israelis were moved by their government off that land and it was given to Palestinians.  Israelis left working greenhouses and businesses ready for Gazans to take over and earn a good living from.  However, the greenhouses were destroyed along with the synagogues... and now rockets are being fired from Gaza against Israelis.

One side wants peace; the other wants the total obliteration of Israel.

Coveting is one of the big Ten that G-d warned against.  He Himself says Israel belongs to Him.

Please pray with me for the peace of Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

Pray for the peace that lasts-- that does not come through political machinations-- but through hearts transformed by His love and mercy.  No one should have to live under this kind of bombardment.  Baruch haShem that these attacks are not as murderous as the perpetrators hope.

Hugs, tears, and prayers,   Beseder

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