Thursday, March 3, 2011

G-d's Voice in My Pocket

I love to read books, but I'm a busy teacher and sometimes feel like I don't have time to read. Besides that, in the past, I often didn't have the book with me when an opportunity to read presented itself.  That has changed because of the free Kindle application Amazon offers that means I can download books (some free-- some not so free) to my smartphone.

Having books with me at all times is wonderful-- particularly having the Bible and some of my favorite authors.  I don't have more room on my bookcase, and being able to get a book electronically is great.  If I REALLY like a book and perhaps want to share it with someone else, I can buy a hard copy-- but if I get one and don't think I want to read it again and again, I can delete it or archive it-- and not have to figure out what to do with it next.

That being said, I'm being transformed in some exciting ways by two books by Lysa TerKeurst.  I'm reading them both on my phone at the same time-- and I can't put either of them down.  Lysa writes (more compellingly than anyone else I've read) about how we try to fill up the empty spaces inside with people, possessions, profession, or (what was that other "p"?) stuff-- whether it's food or something we think another person can give us or things we could buy or ways we want to be seen, etc. (She writes it much better than I just did.)  She also talks about how to let G-d's truth fill up the empty places inside, instead of turning to something or someone else.  Lysa is a wiser me-- a me much further down the road-- a writer who gets me, surprises me, challenges me, and comforts as G-d speaks through her writings directly to my heart.  I'm excited to have my focus where it belongs-- on the One Who Created me to know and need Him and get my identity and satisfaction from Him alone.

I'm excited about what I'm learning and about how I am changing.  Check out Made to Crave and  Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl

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